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Definitely good animation, probably one of the better 3D's on this site! The story is a little cliche but who cares, it's a good one.

I would totally reduce the polish/ reflectiveness on the wood objects, though. If it weren't for the grain of the wood, I might have thought it was brass. Otherwise the animation is pretty fluid, and the lighting is great.

Snazzymation responds:

Thanks! We love to see or hear the same stories over and over, as long as they are in new ways.

Dude what? This animation is off the chiz-art.


I don't know what everyone is going on about. Look, the animation and voice acting was great, but what a boring plot. It's just two guys doing a jigsaw puzzle. And nothing more. Like, seriously. Couldn't you have made it a metaphor or something? Maybe injected some themes into your animation? I mean it's great for what it is, but there's just absolutely no deeper message in it. Where's the substance?

I'll give you a 10 for animation and voice acting but seriously, hire a writer or something.

TmsT responds:

DO NOT QUESTION MY ARTISTIC CHOICES! Substance and metaphor are just too mainstream.

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It's not really a game, more of an interactive story. Not a terribly good one at that.

The animation was really smooth, the programming flawless, and it was kind of funny. It's just completely nonsensically pointless.

I don't understand how it even makes sense to fall out of a window while crawling across the ground. How could you possibly have enough momentum to not be able to stop? That makes the storyline flawed. The entire game consists of holding down the left button. There is no content.

Overall great animation and whatnot, but I really wish there was a category for interactive movies on Newgrounds. Under such a category, this game might have made sense. But as a game, it made none.

Emrox responds:


Fantastic animation, great sequences, funny dialogue. This is a great movie.
However, as a game, it's terrible.
The controls are quite bad, the enemies aren't difficult, nor is the game (your dude just fixes you right up). As for the length, can you really call this a game? It's three levels of holding down the mouse.

Long story short, if this were a movie, you'd get all fives from me. I sincerely beleive that that's the direction you guys should take with this; just forego the game sequences and focus on the animation sequences. The weak "game" portion of this is what drops you two stars; since it's filed under "games" and not "movies", I have to rate it accordingly.

But otherwise, this movie shows really impressive potential for a newgrounds series. I hope you guys keep it going! Minus, that is, stringing together your movies with bad gameplay.

Kind of funny, but isn't this just a rip-off of the original? With less content? It's sort of been done to death.

dangoval95 responds:

Sort of . Consider it a parody.

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NAC Creepy Chronnies Judge

Alright, hearing the damn box song gets me pissed off. Can't tell you how many times that thing has fed me a shit weapon. Good use of that sound bite. I was trying to figure out where I'd heard before.

Your piece has a grooving creepy feel going on. I dig it. The sound mixing was great and your choice of sampling was great too. I enjoyed the variation you put throughout to keep everything moving and interesting. Certainly an interesting idea for a song too... fuckin' zombies.

Anyway, the only thing I didn't enjoy was a little lapse in originality. While utilizing the music box was cool, the general dubstep BWAWAWAs and WUBs have been used a lot. Like I said, you did things good enough to keep it grooving and interesting, but I would have liked you to have mixed it up even more.

Great song! Creepy and funkeh. Crunky, perhaps? No, wait, I think there's already Crunk music... I'll have to think of another name.

NAC Creepy Chronnies Judge

Nice! I'd say this is actually one of the creepier pieces in the contest. While I'm not usually a fan of house, I'd say this one was a keeper.

I like the way it starts off with that single piano and synth and all off a sudden picks up pace. Sound choices were great in keeping it creepy. Mixing was done pretty well. For the most part I have a pretty good impression of this song.

My usual problem with house is simply the repetitiveness of it. And even though there were repetitive bits throughout the song, I felt you mixed it up enough, even in little ways. to keep the pace flowing and interesting. Therefore, for the most part, you avoided the usual pitfalls of this type of music. I enjoy that you mixed up the drum pattern throughout the song too.

While still hitting some of the repetitiveness of house, your shifting beat, sounds, and melodies keep it interesting enough for a replay value. Kudos on a good and creepy entry.

joethesouleater responds:

awesome =] thanks for the review, it means a lot

NAC Creepy Chronnies Judge

This was a good dubstep entry into the competition. It incorporated that creepy element into the sound as well trying to keep to true dubstep.

I liked the use of organ in the song, which gave a creepy sound, and then the sudden throw into dubstep which sort of sets the listener off guard. Your use of sound in this piece was great in finding that feeling the competition was looking for.

I suppose my issues with this piece are less with the track than the entire genre of dubstep, in that, well, it all sounds the same. Besides the organ, there just wasn't enough originality in this song to thrill me. With such a vague topic as the NAC this time, I would've liked to see you do more with it. I also found the organ sections after the initial organ solo to be a bit lacking. When you hit the organs, it sort of takes steam out of the song. I would have added another instrument, perhaps something a bit deeper. I couldn't tell you exactly what to do with those parts as I can't decide myself, but I would just try to spice them up a bit.

A good dubstep track and a fun, short listen, but I would've liked to see a bit more originality throughout.

The-iMortal responds:

Thanks for the review :)

I will blow your mind with my sweet tuneage.

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