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Entry #64

Lost all my work!

2012-06-24 22:51:49 by AudioVision

Well, a while ago, my entire system crashed. After much work, I've pieced back together my hard-drive enough to regain my computer. But, in the process, all my files have been lost. You might ask why the f*ck you care. Well, if you are a fan of mine, that means I've lost all my in-production songs and work, any files of my completed songs, my AV banners and icons, etc. I was pretty pissed, but it's my personal policy that "sh*t happens", and no amount of mental bitching will time travel me back to back-up all my files which I so carelessly did not back-up.

Time to start anew! New projects, new work, and I may have some live sound recording hardware coming in.

If you have need for epic orchestral music, and you can find me (I'm right here, actually), then you too may be able to hire the A-TEA... AudioVision. Sorry. Almost got carried away there.

PM me, grounders. We can make sweet, sweet, audible love.


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2012-08-11 09:25:14

I just realized you can't see audio. Your name doesn't make sense. You're crazy man. You're crazy.

AudioVision responds:

I'm insane bro, gimmie room, I'm liable to cut a bitch, I AIN'T GOIN BACK TO PRISON


2012-12-08 13:57:05

No. Backup. No backleft. Nobackright.