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Zerobombers are making Newgrounds not fun for me anymore.

Posted by AudioVision - January 2nd, 2011

So usually I don't complain on this site. But I can't take it anymore.
Every time I submit a new song, or making a new voice acting piece, or just about anything, someone votes zero on it. Usually multiple people. My songs do not deserve zeros. I'm not going to be modest about that. I know they don't. But I know why people vote zero.

I'm tired of immature assholes voting 0 or really low just to get better scores than other people. Thats so insane and idiotic. And I'll admit to it. When I first got on this site, I was one of those immature noobs who goes off and votes 5 on all their music and 0 on everybody else who's above them on the charts. And then I realized what a complete and utter asshole I was. Because its such an asshole thing to do. So I stopped. And I think its time everyone realized what a fucking asshole they are when they do it.

I would rather have my music be at the bottom of the heap because it sucks, than have it at the top because I unfairly rated other people. And if you think the opposite, than you're a total waste of space to have on this site. I'm not exactly the most sportsmanlike person in the world. But I'm trying.

So how about this. Whoever keeps voting zeros and ones on my pieces whenever they start getting good ratings; stop. And in return, I'll respect you. Not that it matters to most of the assholes who do it.

In the meantime, I really think there should be some sort of rule on newgrounds. If you leave a rating of less than 5, you should leave a review. After all, 5 means you think its perfect. If you rate lower, you have to know something thats wrong with it in your opinion, and it should be your duty to tell the maker so they can improve. And if you vote lower than 5 and you dont know why, then you probably shouldnt have.